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How to Find the Loosest Slot Machines Online
How to Find the Loosest Slot Machines Online

The term loose when it pertains to online slot machines is a lot different than when you refer to the slots at the local land-based casino. Those land-based casino slots sometimes can be easier to spot because pit bosses tend to put higher paying machines near the entrances to draw in more people when they see the machines hitting and paying off so frequently. At the online casino this can be a little more challenging, but there is still a way.

Pay close attention and you will be able to spot the machines at the online casino that are ripe for the pickings and will stuff your players bankroll with an abundance of cash more rapidly.

Don't run to a certain slot machine because the theme or graphics appeal to you, that is exactly what the casino wants. Open the machine and read the pay table. Now keep track of those numbers and go look at other machines. You will start seeing a pattern that the popular machines pay less, and the boring machines pay much better.

Go play the boring machines, it is the money you are after anyway. Play machines with enormous jackpots because all you have to do it hit the top prize once, and then you are going to be flush with an abundance of cash is your players account that you can spend any way you choose today.

Now that you know which online slot machines to target, go slow and find those machines to play rather than going through the casino and just choosing the games the casino has positioned for you to play. When you take control of the games you play, you put yourself in the position to last longer and potentially hit that jackpot that will change your life forever.

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